Ferrari 308 GTS Custom Fabrication & Bodywork Repairs

This is an excellent example of partial classic car custom fabrication and bodywork repairs by Caledonia Coachworks Ltd.

Custom Fabrication and Bodywork on a Ferrari 308

Custom Fabrication and Bodywork on a Ferrari 308

Embarking on the journey of restoring a classic car requires mechanical expertise, a keen eye for detail, and a commitment to preserving its authenticity.

At Caledonia Coachworks Ltd, we take pride in our custom fabrication and bodywork services, which breathe new life into iconic vehicles like the Ferrari 308 GTS.

In this article, we delve into the meticulous process of enhancing this timeless masterpiece, blending modern craftsmanship with the spirit of its era.

Rectifying Bodywork Issues and Some Custom Fabrication

While our engineering department was busy rebuilding the engine of this glorious Ferrari 308 GTS, the client asked us to address some bodywork issues and add some individual touches to the car.

The client envisioned slightly modifying the front lights and bumper area.

We began by sourcing a set of period-correct Cibie fog lights and a front chin spoiler for the modifications. We then turned our attention to the custom fabrication of a stainless steel grille and mounting bracketry. To ensure longevity, the mounting brackets were powder-coated before fitment.

Additionally, several replacement aluminium and steel heat shields under the vehicle’s front section were also custom fabricated and installed stronger than the original.

Custom Fabrication and Bodywork on a Ferrari 308

Fabrication and Bodywork Repairs

Although the car’s bodywork was generally in excellent condition and had recently been fully repainted by a well-known London-based Ferrari specialist, several issues were missed and had to be rectified by us.

The main one was penetrated corrosion on the rear of the left sill due to previous damage and the metal being exposed to weather elements.

We custom fabricated a replacement section of the sill, welded it in, planished it, and filed it until the metalwork repair was not visible to the naked eye. We do not use bodywork filler to hide metalwork imperfections.

The specialised team in our paint shop uses various tools and thoroughly tested materials to replicate the original underseal pattern of any classic car reliably.

The repair on this Ferrari 308 GTS was no different. We matched the pattern on the repaired sill using a two-part sprayable seam sealer to match the original finish and provide weather protection far superior to the material used originally and by many other restorers.

Epoxy primer was used to spray the repairs from inside, followed by a 360-degree nozzle spray of a hot wax/lanolin-based corrosion prevention solution.

Chassis Alignment Issues

Furthermore, it was clear that the vehicle’s chassis had a minor misalignment problem. During an inspection, we encountered an unusual metalwork repair to the tubular rear frame, and the client authorised a thorough check of the vehicle’s geometry to ensure suspension pickup points had not been affected.

We placed the vehicle on a Celette alignment platform using our custom-machined, classic car attachment mounts to carry out the work.

Additionally, we used a combination of digital and analogue linear measurement systems to confirm the suspension’s correct geometry.

We were happy to see that although the frame’s geometry was incorrect in places, the suspension elements were unaffected, and the client decided not to address this as a testament to the vehicle’s history.

Customised Stainless Steel Sill Covers

It’s always a pleasure to realise clients’ ideas. In addition to the above-mentioned grille, we designed, laser cut and fabricated custom stainless steel sill covers with the client’s custom graphics.

Initially, we planned to use the original covers with the design engraved on them. However, we realised that brand new covers, made using 316 stainless steel, laser engraved, and bent on a CNC brake press, were a better-looking and more lasting solution.


In conclusion, our journey with the Ferrari 308 GTS exemplifies our dedication to preserving automotive heritage while embracing innovation.

Every process step, from meticulous bodywork repairs to intricate custom fabrications, reflects our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.

At Caledonia Coachworks Ltd, we don’t just restore cars; we revive legends, ensuring they continue to inspire for generations to come.

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