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Welcome to Caledonia Coachworks - Where Timeless Elegance Meets Expert Craftsmanship

At Caledonia Coachworks, we are not just a classic car restoration company; we are the custodians of automotive history, dedicated to reviving the timeless beauty of vintage automobiles. Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh, our workshop serves as a haven for enthusiasts and connoisseurs seeking to breathe new life into their cherished classic cars.

Our Expertise: Caledonia Coachworks specialises in providing top-tier classic car restoration services. From meticulous bodywork and paint restoration to custom fabrication and automotive engineering, our comprehensive range of services caters to the diverse needs of classic car owners. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled craftsmanship that preserves the authenticity and charm of each vintage vehicle.

Quality is Our Tradition: With a rich legacy spanning years, our highly skilled workforce brings a wealth of experience to every project. Our team is not just a collection of technicians; they are passionate artisans with a deep understanding of the intricate details that make each classic car unique. From the iconic lines of a vintage Rolls-Royce to the rugged elegance of a classic Jaguar, we approach each restoration with the utmost care and dedication.

Classic Car Restoration Services
Bodywork and paint restoration for classic cars

About Our Services

Services We Offer:

    • Classic Car Restoration: Immerse your vintage vehicle in a transformative journey back to its former glory with our comprehensive restoration services.
    • Custom Fabrication: Elevate your classic car with bespoke modifications and enhancements, crafted with precision and an eye for detail.
    • Automotive Engineering: Trust our experts to handle intricate mechanical work, ensuring your vintage ride performs as flawlessly as it looks.
    • Bodywork and Paint Shop: Restore and refresh your classic car’s exterior, from addressing rust issues to applying flawless coats of paint that stand the test of time.

Why Choose Caledonia Coachworks

    • Passion for Preservation: We are driven by a genuine love for classic cars and a commitment to preserving automotive heritage.
    • Skilled Artisans: Our team comprises seasoned professionals, each dedicated to their craft and possessing a deep understanding of classic car restoration.
    • Attention to Detail: From sourcing authentic parts to recreating period-correct finishes, we leave no stone unturned in delivering an authentic restoration experience.
    • Client-Centric Approach: Your vision is our priority. We work closely with clients, ensuring their aspirations for their classic cars are not just met but exceeded.

Embark on a journey with Caledonia Coachworks, where your classic car dreams become a beautifully restored reality. Contact us today, and let the revival begin!

About Caledonia Coachworks Ltd - Classic Car Restorers

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